6 Health Classes You Can Offer Your City Using Free Curriculum

  1. Birth CompanionsTrain caring individuals to be an informed coach, mentor, and friend for a mother-to-be during her pregnancy.
  2. CELEBRATIONSCELEBRATIONS word is an acronym for twelve healthful living principles principles that have proven positive effects.
  3. Community HealthPractical health guides for rural or urban communities that do not have access to quality medical care. Many of the topics apply equally well to both settings; choose those topics that best fit your audience’s needs.
  4. FitnessExercise benefits not only for physical health, but mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It is the single best remedy for improving mood, memory, and learning according to a recent Harvard Medical School study.
  5. Heart HealthCoronary heart disease is the leading cause of death in the developed world and incidence is rising in developing countries. Despite media attention to heart disease, many people remain unaware of the risk factors.
  6. Journey to WholenessPeople from all walks of life become trapped in addictions, unhealthy cycles of behavior, and destructive relationships. While professional counselors and medical personnel may best treat these conditions in licensed institutions, what happens to recovering individuals after they finish treatment?

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