6 Ways to Serve Your City in the Midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic

  1. Organize your youth group or other church members to give blood.
    Learn what youth are doing in cities across Brazil
  2. Learn about the potential value of hydrothermal therapy and how to use it.
    Read how it has been used before. Watch medical symposium presentations from Adventist World Radio
  3. Donate food or money to your local ACS food pantry.
    See what's happening in Greater Washington DC (scroll to bottom), and learn how NAD is helping feed those needing assistance
  4. Cook or distribute food for the homeless.
    Maybe like this volunteer team in Belo Horizonte, Brazil or this 12-year-old in Suva, Fiji
  5. Share videos on coping with stress, domestic violence, and more.
    Watch It Is Written coronavirus video series
  6. Pray, city by city, for the protection of healthcare workers, the elderly, and others.
    Download a prayer map, then print and pray!