Life Hope Centers

Refuge and Revelation

Phoenix, AZ, U.S.

“One of the highlights of our service is our visits to many of our refugees’ homes,” says Sta. Ana. “Visits have endeared us to them and them to us."


All Generations Center


For more than 10 years, the All Generations Center has provided friendship, activities, and care for elderly people in the neighborhood. People who had never set foot in church now come.

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Happy Hand

Copenhagen, Denmark

“We called the shop Happy Hand,” says Anne-May Müller, “because we want to lend a hand to those in need around us.


The Salted Cafe

Sofia, Bulgaria

“For years my sister and I dreamed of creating a place where people felt comfortable and that reflected our artistic and Christian lifestyle values. A place where we could reach out to people and make friends for Jesus,” says Antoniya."

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Simplicity Mission

Allentown, PA, US

Living up to its name, Simplicity Mission uses some of the simplest methods to connect with the community.

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Multiple Streams of Influence

Seoul, Korea

In Seoul, a vegetarian restaurant is not only a center of influence, but also provides funds for scholarships and for helping to feed more than 200 elderly people.

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Living Hope Center

Manassas, Virginia

Offering seminars on wellness, stress management, depression recovery, family life and more, as well as a bookstore, a reading room and a prayer room, the Living Hope Center in Manassas, Virginia serves in many ways at once.

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Academy Transforms Community

Cairo, Egypt

"The first challenge was to clean up an area that ran 260 feet (80 meters) along the academy’s north wall. This was where piles of garbage rose to eight feet in height."

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Funeral Ministry

Seoul, Korea

“Most of them have no hope after the death of a loved one. I share a biblical message of hope about life after death. This is new to them.”


Reaching Refugees

Vienna, Austria

A center of influence in Vienna provides language classes, clothing, food and so much more to refugees and others in need in this great city.

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Prayer Cafe

St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

“One lady had lost her job and had not paid her rent for nine months,” Robinson said. “She came for prayer and on that same day found a job.”



University Campuses, Czech Republic

This youth-driven program offers university students a path to God, and helps them grow strong in their faith.

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