Mission to the Cities is the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s five-year emphasis on sharing Jesus’ love and the hope of His soon return with people in some of world’s largest cities. Starting with New York City in 2013, Mission to the Cities is a wholistic approach to sharing the gospel in urban settings. In 2014, each world division will focus on a city in their territory. Each Union will focus on a city in their region in 2015. Outreach activities will be as varied as the characters of each city with everything from Life Hope Centers, community events, seminars, small groups, and reaping campaigns. Please pray for mission to the cities and check back here to find resources and the latest information about Mission to the Cities.

Using Christ's method to reach the cities, a comprehensive approach to urban evangelism.

News and Updates

The 2nd Annual Moscow Missionary Congress

The Moscow Conference of Churches held its 2nd Annual Moscow Mission Congress, on March 15, 2015. Approximately 350 people attended the event.There they conducted a series of workshops designed t...  More

Planting A New Garden

By James Standish, editor of Adventist Record Where do you buy your vegetables? At a supermarket? Or maybe a specialty fruit store or farmers' market? Or do you value the quality, economy and proce...  More

Church Planting, Melbourne Australia

My name is Eddie E. Erika, pastor of the Samoan SDA churches in Melbourne Australia. I am now retired though still being a ‘slave’ to the two ministers who have replaced me, Pastor Tui ...  More

Greater New York Conference: Church Planters

November 8th was a high, holy day at the Thessalonica Baptist Church in the Bronx; where the First Meeting of Disciples and Church Planters was hosted by the Greater New York Conference (GNYC) un...  More