12 Urban Center of Influence Ideas that Involve Food

  1. Hand out free, plant-based ice creamas did weExplore near Melbourne, Australia, introducing residents to the UCI and its programs.
  2. Offer hot meals to those who need food mostlike Walk of Faith Community Center, in Cleveland, and PAN Dining Room in Cúcuta.
  3. Fill a micropantry in front of your church for easy community accessas can be found at the Adventist church in Hinsdale.
  4. Create a caffeine-free cafelike the Food Farmacy, in Cardiff, Australia, where wellness professionals offer the best meals, and more.
  5. Open a juice barlike Press Together, in Ogden, Utah where the community enjoys cold-pressed juice and good friendship.
  6. Run a bakerywhile also cultivating friendships, as done at Trapezata in Ruse, and Pheerapon Cafe in Kanchanaburi.
  7. Offer a "pay what you can afford" model at a non-profit restaurantalso allowing customers to "pay it forward," as is done at One Bistro near Dayton.
  8. Start a large food pantry to address food insecuritylike this one in the Bronx, New York City, where one in four residents faces food insecurity.
  9. Start a catering businesslike New Life Mures, in Seville, Spain
  10. Open a health food storeAs done, with "Nature Station" in Riga, and "Club Sehat" in Bandung.
  11. Start a mobile grocerylike the ones run by Oakwood University and AdventHealth bringing the freshest food into food deserts.
  12. Offer cooking classesas has been done in Puli, Taiwan, and many other UCIs and churches.