Pray for the Cities -- Mission Map

Maybe it looks like a transportation map, but each line represents a region of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and each station is a city of a million or more. Pray for one city each day, check them off as you go, and pray your way around the world!

If you just want one, two, or a few, send a message and your address here, or call 301-680-6005 Monday-Thursday, 9 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. for your free copies.

If your Sabbath school class, prayer group or church has committed to join you in praying for the cities, get a pack of 25 prayer maps free of cost, from Advent Source. You pay only the shipping. If ordering several packs, we ask that you consider a donation to help Mission to the Cities.

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Your Youth Group Can Reach Your City!

Here are some easy ways to start!

Find simple ways to show kindness:

  • Handing out free hot chocolate on cold days
  • Cleaning up a neighborhood
  • More Ideas

Make welcoming spaces near your church:

  • Create a pop-up park
  • Create unusual and fun seating
  • More ideas
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Ministry in Motion

MINISTRY IN MOTION is a television program exploring best practices for ministry. Interview topics and speakers related to reaching people in cities include:

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Special Needs Ministries Resources

Ministering to needs in the city means getting practical. Adventist Special Needs Ministries offers tools that can be used to start and grow ministries to and through those with differing abilities. Resources provided will help you reach out to:

Resources on helping to meet many other types of special needs are also available.

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Thrift Store Ministry Summit

The Washington Conference together with Adventist Community Services put on a conference offering training on how to run a thrift store ministry. Presentations include topics such as:

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Revival and Reformation

Find practical, spiritual resources to keep you close to your Savior and to assist you as you seek to meet the spiritual needs of your city. Resources include:

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