Pray Your Way Around the World!

COVID got you stuck at home? Now you can say "I Will Go," and pray your way around the world!

Reaching the cities begins with prayer, and the Mission to the Cities prayer map is now available in the following formats:

  • Downloadable, printable files
  • Small, printed maps that fold to credit-card size
  • Printed posters for schools, Sabbath schools, and other groups (Limited time offer!)
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Posters: Called to Reach the Cities!

Ellen White urged members to reach the cities without delay! Now some of her strongest calls are available in poster form!

Print small sizes in bulk for your church or school, or print posters to put up beside the prayer map and encourage members to keep praying. Click below to view available languages and sizes.

English French Khmer / ខ្មែរ Lao / ລາວ Portuguese Spanish Thai / ไทย​ Vietnamese / Tiếng Việt

Adventist Possibility Ministries Resources

Ministering to needs in the city means getting practical. Adventist Possibility Ministries offers tools that can be used to start and grow ministries to and through those with differing abilities. Resource areas include:

Resources on helping to meet other types of special needs are also available.

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Homes of Hope and Healing

Homes of Hope and Healing is a downloadable booklet made available from GC Women's Ministries. It will equip you to reach out to women in your neighborhood, getting to know them, and helping them on a practical level. Topics for discussion include emotion, stress, relationships, hope against depression, resilience, and more.

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Online Course: Sexual Abuse, Reclaiming Hope

In this course you will learn vital components of dealing with harassment and sexual abuse and discover empowering approaches to curb this type of behavior in your faith community. In addition, you will discover remediation and healing strategies to reclaim hope for sexual abuse victims and their faith communities. This course provides an extensive library of relevant resources in every module.

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Mission 360 Magazine

Mission 360 magazine shares stories of Adventist missionaries, Adventist volunteers, and Global Mission pioneers working to share the love of Christ around the world. It frequently features Mission to the Cities stories, and stories of Life Hope Centers in cities worldwide.

Subscriptions to the English, print magazine are free in North America, and digital copies of new issues are now available in:

English French Portuguese Spanish

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