Posters: Called to Reach the Cities!

Download Free Posters and Share the Urgent Call to Reach the Cities!

Ellen White had an urgent message. The members were to work the cities! But how could she capture members' attention and move them to action?

She called repeatedly for people who would see the cities as God does. She went so far as to state, “If God gives me strength now, at nearly eighty-two years old, I shall be in the cities.”

Ellen White's powerful calls to action are more relevant now than ever! Keep them before your local members. Print posters bearing key quotes for your church or school!

Click to download English-language PDF poster files below. Posters are also available in French, Portuguese, and Spanish. Additionally, editable files are available for translation by other fields—request by sending a detailed message here.

Version 1:

North America:

11" x 8.5" (small) V1 22" x 17" (midsize) V1


A4 (small) V1 A2 (midsize) V1

Version 2:

North America:

11" x 8.5" (small) V2 22" x 17" (midsize) V2


A4 (small) V2 A2 (midsize) V2

Version 3:

North America:

11" x 8.5" (small) V3 22" x 17" (midsize) V3


A4 (small) V3 A2 (midsize) V3

Get the book Ministry to the Cities to read more of what Ellen White had to say about reaching the cities!

Also, don't forget to download the free prayer map!