Posters: Called to Reach the Cities!

Download Free Posters and Share the Urgent Call to Reach the Cities!

Ellen White had an urgent message to convey. The members were to work the cities! But how could she communicate this in a way that could capture their attention and move them to action?

Over and over she tried to rouse church leaders and members to action, describing the importance, the timeline, and the potential results. She cried out for people who would see the cities as God does, and she wrote of personally being so concerned that she was unable to sleep! She went so far as to state, “If God gives me strength now, at nearly eighty-two years old, I shall be in the cities.”

A collection of these quotes has been developed into a set of handouts and posters. Print them for your church or school, and help your local members hear the call that has only become more urgent as the number of large cities has increased. PDF files of various sizes can be downloaded by clicking the buttons below. Editable files are also available for translation by other fields—request by sending a detailed message here.

Version 1:

North America:

11" x 8.5" (small) V1 22" x 17" (midsize) V1


A4 (small) V1 A2 (midsize) V1

Version 2:

North America:

11" x 8.5" (small) V2 22" x 17" (midsize) V2


A4 (small) V2 A2 (midsize) V2

Version 3:

North America:

11" x 8.5" (small) V3 22" x 17" (midsize) V3


A4 (small) V3 A2 (midsize) V3

Also, don't forget to download the free prayer map!