Urban Centers of Influence

Centro Cef Adapts to Serve During the Pandemic

Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

The Centro Cef Urban Center of Influence has taken creative new approaches during the pandemic, including teaching online art workshops for children and creating an online support group for women.

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Butterfly Paradise

Siem Riep, Cambodia

Tim and Wendy Maddocks, long-time missionaries to Cambodia, have started a nature attraction that reaches out to tourists and local residents, and which provides employment for students at their school.

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Epic Art House

Chicago, IL

“We want to bridge the gap between the church, as we know it, and the community,” said Epic Church pastor Andres Flores. “We’re in a terrible time of crisis, and we want to offer a place for people to experience healing, creativity, and community.”

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Meeting Point


From massages and health assessments for adults to weekly activities for kids, volunteers at Meeting Point are serving their community, building friendships, and meeting needs.

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Second-Hand Shop with Counseling Services Opens in Tallinn

Tallinn, Estonia

A new center with a multi-faceted approach is working to show the love of Christ to the secular population of Tallinn, Estonia

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"The Art Space" Creates Community in Busy Mall

Chicago, IL

The Art Space, an Urban Center of Influence inside a busy Chicago mall, is a space where children and adults can create art together, and where they can belong and have a sense of community.

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Treasure Hunt

Chicago, IL

A thrift store, a clinic and a lecture space work together to add quality of life for Chicago residents along historic Route 66.

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F5 Climbing in Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand

Couple moves to Thailand and starts a Center of Influence, with a climbing wall, after watching the Adventist Mission series "I Want This City."

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(Also see IWantThisCity.org)

Taxis Serve as Centers of Influence in Panama City

Panama City, Panama

Nearly 70% of Panama's 4 million residents live in cities. In fact, half of Panama's citizens reside in the capital city! Members are working creatively to reach them.

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Adventist Community Center Opens in Cambodia

Battambang, Cambodia

The center includes a gym, a vegetarian restaurant, a playground, and a chapel. It will also offer health education, a language school, and music education.

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Drug, Alcohol Rehab Center Helps Men Make New Beginning

Guatemala City, Guatemala

In addition to finding freedom from addiction, more than 1500 people have been baptized in nine years of ministry.

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Language and Cooking Classes, Crafts, and Exercise, all at One Center

Talca, Chile

One-Year-In-Mission volunteers in Chile offer a variety of classes, and build friendships. People are finding new hope, and joy.

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