Urban Centers of Influence

Nature Station

Riga, Latvia

"the store allows me to connect with people, to talk with them and get to know them, just as Christ mingled with people as one who desired their good,” he said.

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Harvest Adventist Center

Hong Kong

Centrally located in the city, the Harvest Adventist Center offers English and Korean-language classes, time-management classes and other services for young people.

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Open for All

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Strategically located in a highly visible spot in the city's commercial center, the Buenos Aires Life Hope Center offers classes on depression, loneliness, and other health topics, and offers direct access to health professionals, psychologists, and pastors.

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Blind Church

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Hope Vision Fellowship has been a tremendous blessing to the blind in that they see it as their church. They regularly express how comfortable they feel when they're there."

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Welcome Baby

Auckland, New Zealand

A clothing library, counseling, and a ready group of friends are among the ways church members at the Welcome Baby center seek to encourage new moms in the community.

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Vertical Villages

Cities in the 10/40 Window

A single high-rise apartment can be home to more people than some entire villages. Life Hope Centers are being started in these "vertical villages."

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New Life Mures

Târgu Mureș, Romania

Services to the community include a restaurant, a health-food store, a dental practice, a catering business, and classes.

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Former Bar Now a Life Hope Center

Chișinău, Moldova

Vyacheslav went from being an addict to a doctor. His life was changed and now he works to share Jesus with the people in Moldova's capital city!

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First Café Church Opens In New York City

New York City, NY, USA

“A church like MyGen,” she said, “allows [young people] to be themselves and find themselves, and to make that ultimate choice to live for God.”

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Getting Together in two new German "Hope Centres"

Bensheim/Bremen, Germany

"the Seventh-day Adventist Church opened the first meeting centre under the name "Hope Centre" in cooperation with the Christian radio and television Hope Channel in Bensheim-Auerbach."

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Let's Move Vancouver

Vancouver, Canada

Mind, body, and spirit outreach is happening in Vancouver, through English as a Second Language classes, community and seniors gardening, and much more.

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Vegan Food and the Gospel

near Tokyo, Japan

"At that moment, I knew I wanted to open a vegan restaurant where I could help people become healthier and feel better just as I had in Alabama. Maybe I also could win their confidence and point them to Jesus."

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