Urban Centers of Influence

PAN Dining Room Feeds Hundreds of Venezuelan Migrants Every Week

Cúcuta, Colombia

Agudelo said there are days they feed as many as 350, but every single time there seems to be enough food for everyone to eat.

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Second-Hand Shop with Counseling Services Opens in Tallinn

Tallinn, Estonia

A new center with a multi-faceted approach is working to show the love of Christ to the secular population of Tallinn, Estonia

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Funeral Ministry

Seoul, Korea

“Most of them have no hope after the death of a loved one. I share a biblical message of hope about life after death. This is new to them.”

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Presence Kulturlounge

Frankfurt, Germany

Presence Kulturlounge is a place where people can share good food, good art, good discussions, and good friendships. Presence Kulturlounge is not just for the community; it is with the community.

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Adventist Church in Honduras Inaugurates New Chinese Community Center

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Initiative will support, build bridges by offering health and Mandarin language classes.

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"The Art Space" Creates Community in Busy Mall

Chicago, IL

The Art Space, an Urban Center of Influence inside a busy Chicago mall, is a space where children and adults can create art together, and where they can belong and have a sense of community.

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Life Hope Centers Open Across Indonesia through TMI

Jakarta, Indonesia and Beyond

"Adventists throughout Indonesia gained inspiration from what CMC started in Jakarta and have now launched Life Hope Centers in at least half dozen Indonesian cities."

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Language and Cooking Classes, Crafts, and Exercise, all at One Center

Talca, Chile

One-Year-In-Mission volunteers in Chile offer a variety of classes, and build friendships. People are finding new hope, and joy.

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Isaiah 58 Center

Guatemala City, Guatemala

Center offers food, toothbrushes, showers, and a place to wash clothes for those who are living on the streets.

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Support Center for families with autistic kids opens

Porto Alegre, Brazil

Family members and children are cared for by volunteers who are dedicated to provide an open environment of fellowship.

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Adventist Community Center Opens in Cambodia

Battambang, Cambodia

The center includes a gym, a vegetarian restaurant, a playground, and a chapel. It will also offer health education, a language school, and music education.

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Treasure Hunt

Chicago, IL

A thrift store, a clinic and a lecture space work together to add quality of life for Chicago residents along historic Route 66.

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