Urban Centers of Influence

PAN Dining Room Feeds Hundreds of Venezuelan Migrants Every Week

Cúcuta, Colombia

Agudelo said there are days they feed as many as 350, but every single time there seems to be enough food for everyone to eat.

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Support Center for families with autistic kids opens

Porto Alegre, Brazil

Family members and children are cared for by volunteers who are dedicated to provide an open environment of fellowship.

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Adventist Vegan Restaurant Ranked Number 1 in Australian Tourist Spot

Byron Bay, Australia Outpost Center

Serving 1.7 million tourists from cities across Australia and around the world, this outpost center offers great food and so much more.

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Nazareth Life Hope Center

Nazareth, Israel

A Life Hope Center opens in downtown Nazareth in Israel. Some of the activities there include English language, computer classes, and health teaching.

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Getting to the Heart of Taipei

Taipei, Taiwan

The Life Hope Center in Taipei offers Alzheimers classes, cooking classes, and more. And two more Life Hope Centers are coming to Taipei soon!

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Reaching for the Stars to Reach Hearts in the City

Seoul, South Korea

The training focuses on various topics such as astronomy, ecology, brain science, and nanoscience. In the past two years, 80 school principals have participated. . .

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Largest Adventist Cultural Center in the Middle East Opens in Egypt

Cairo, Egypt

Adventist Church president Ted N. C. Wilson rededicated the four-story complex to God’s glory and appealed to church members to remember that a key part of the church’s mission is helping people in big cities.

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A new worship center is becoming a Center of Influence in Costa Rica

San Jose, Costa Rica

The center offers music classes and practice sessions, exercise classes, family counseling, bible studies, and more. It plans to add It a health and nutrition center, a language school, cooking school, and location for healthy lifestyle expos,

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New Adventist Facility in El Salvador to Provide Shelter for Families

San Salvador, El Salvador

The new facility will provide safe, clean, temporary accommodation to parents as well as a few meals, daily worship services, and more, church leaders said.

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School for Special-Needs Students Has Helped more than 300 Children

Krasnodar City, Russia

“Many parents are angry when they first bring their children here,” she said. “But when they see that we love the children, this softens their hearts. Many now say, ‘Praise God that we have the Adventist Church in our town!”

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Vibrant Life Medical and Wellness Clinic

Bangalore, India

The Vibrant Life Medical and Wellness Clinic offers natural treatments for chronic diseases such as hypertension, obesity, and diabetes.

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The Veg Hub

Oakland, California, US

In The Veg Hub, a vegan restaurant in Oakland, California, United States, Uno cards and bottles of hot sauce share equal billing in the small wire condiment caddies perched at the center of several wooden tables . . .

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