Urban Centers of Influence

New Center to Provide Cutting-Edge Care to Children with Special Needs

Kansas City, United States

Thanks to a lead gift from Doug and Nan Smith, Kansas City in Kansas, United States, will soon be home to a world-class facility that will serve as a welcoming, safe place for children of many diverse abilities.

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WWII Jewish Hideout Basement Is Now an Adventist Youth Center

Budapest, Hungary

A basement used during World War II to hide dozens of Jews from occupying forces in Hungary recently became a center where Adventist young people and their friends can meet, study, and play.

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Juice Bar Offers Fresh Concept of Mission

Ogden, Utah, United States

“'We don’t do programs. We do community. There’s a difference. Think of us as a ‘missional community.’ . . . Juice bar staff are currently being taught how to form and lead small groups"

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Adventists Inaugurate Daycare and Community Center in Germany

Bad Aibling, Germany

The Seventh-day Adventist Church recently opened a new daycare and community center in Bad Aibling, Bavaria, Germany.

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First Life Hope Center Opens in Vietnam

Hanoi, Vietnam

The seven-story building will house a bookstore, a health food store, a foreign-language school, a music school, a health center, ADRA’s Vietnam headquarters, and meeting halls for two congregations.

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Tokai Christian Center Trains Brazilians to Reach Japan

Kakegawa, Japan

A former karaoke entertainment center in Japan has morphed into a Seventh-day Adventist church and urban center of influence, and is equipping Brazilian immigrants to proclaim Jesus’ soon coming to the Japanese people.

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Haifa Life & Hope Center

Haifa, Israel

With its glass front, this Life Hope Center in a tourist hotspot feels very open to passersby. Activities inside range from children's cooking classes to Bible art exhibits, concerts, table games, Bible classes and more.

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Institutional Wellness on the Go

New York City, United States

The Wellness on the Go van offers New Yorkers free massages, blood pressure checks and health coaching as a way of showing the love of God.

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Bronx Food Pantry

New York City, United States

Twenty years ago, a nurse in New York City began sharing her own food with people suffering extreme poverty in the Bronx. Today, the project has grown to serve 7,000 people.

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The Good Samaritan Inn

Kingston, Jamaica

“It is the one-stop center for destitute people, where they can get a hot meal, a bath, and a change of clothing,” says Pastor Adrian Cotterell of the Jamaica Union Conference.

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Revive Cafe

Auckland, New Zealand

Jeremy Dixon, New Zealand author of eight cookbooks, also has a cafe where he serves healthful food. He's on a mission to help others eat healthfully and to help some start similar cafes.

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Adventist Learning Center

Beirut, Lebanon

Children who have spent a month hiking across Syria to find a safe place now have the opportunity to feel safe and to study at the Adventist Learning Center.

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