Urban Centers of Influence

Adventist House for Homeless Women in Germany Has Served for 25 Years

Leipzig, Germany

According to unofficial estimates, the facilities have lodged and supported around 2,000 women.

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Reaching for the Stars to Reach Hearts in the City

Seoul, South Korea

The training focuses on various topics such as astronomy, ecology, brain science, and nanoscience. In the past two years, 80 school principals have participated. . .

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First Life Hope Center Opens in Vietnam

Hanoi, Vietnam

The seven-story building will house a bookstore, a health food store, a foreign-language school, a music school, a health center, ADRA’s Vietnam headquarters, and meeting halls for two congregations.

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OYIM Volunteers Teach Spanish at Life Hope Center

Santiago, Chile

One-Year-In-Mission volunteers are helping Haitian immigrants in Chile learn the Spanish language and adjust to Chilean life and culture.

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New Center to Provide Cutting-Edge Care to Children with Special Needs

Kansas City, United States

Thanks to a lead gift from Doug and Nan Smith, Kansas City in Kansas, United States, will soon be home to a world-class facility that will serve as a welcoming, safe place for children of many diverse abilities.

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Revive Cafe

Auckland, New Zealand

Jeremy Dixon, New Zealand author of eight cookbooks, also has a cafe where he serves healthful food. He's on a mission to help others eat healthfully and to help some start similar cafes.

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Academy Transforms Community

Cairo, Egypt

"The first challenge was to clean up an area that ran 260 feet (80 meters) along the academy’s north wall. This was where piles of garbage rose to eight feet in height."

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Bronx Food Pantry

New York City, United States

Twenty years ago, a nurse in New York City began sharing her own food with people suffering extreme poverty in the Bronx. Today, the project has grown to serve 7,000 people.

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School for Special-Needs Students Has Helped more than 300 Children

Krasnodar City, Russia

“Many parents are angry when they first bring their children here,” she said. “But when they see that we love the children, this softens their hearts. Many now say, ‘Praise God that we have the Adventist Church in our town!”

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Adventist Learning Center

Beirut, Lebanon

Children who have spent a month hiking across Syria to find a safe place now have the opportunity to feel safe and to study at the Adventist Learning Center.

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Simplicity Mission

Allentown, PA, US

Living up to its name, Simplicity Mission uses some of the simplest methods to connect with the community.

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PAN Dining Room Feeds Hundreds of Venezuelan Migrants Every Week

Cúcuta, Colombia

Agudelo said there are days they feed as many as 350, but every single time there seems to be enough food for everyone to eat.

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