Urban Adventist Volunteers Calls

English/Bible Teacher in South Korea

Your skills as a native speaker together with your Bachelor's degree in any field will open doors in South Korea's large cities for you to make friends for Christ! Click here for details.

English Teacher in Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand is only about 1% Christian, and there are only around 3,000 Adventists in the country. Also, learn more about the needs in Thailand by watching "I Want This City." Volunteer position details here.

English Teacher in Yerevan, Armenia

The language center in this large city needs English teachers who have completed at least two years of university, and who will seek to adapt to the culture as a part of making friends for Christ. Details here.

Visit the Adventist Volunteers website to search hundreds of calls by country or position type.

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Mission to the Families in the Cities

The Family-to-Family book set is a two-step guide for reaching the families of the cities. First, it helps families in the church grow stronger spiritually. Then it walks them through the process of reaching out to their neighbors, relatives and friends. Download the family and church guides, in English or Spanish, FREE from the Adventist Family Ministries Department of the General Conference.

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Children's Ministries Ideas for Reaching Kids in the Cities

General Conference Children's Ministries provides a list of ideas and programs for reaching out to kids in your city. From Sidewalk Children's Programs to Basketball Camp and Tiny Tots Playgroups, their website offers creative approaches and a wealth of resources.

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