11 Mobile UCI Ideas for Your City

  1. Create a mobile grocery or pantry, and take it into food desertsas Oakwood University is doing in areas of Huntsville, and as churches partner to do in Independence.
  2. Build an escape room to help people learn about the reformationas is being done in cities in Bulgaria.
  3. Care for people displaced by war or other circumstances as is being done by Hope in Action in Ukraine, bringing psychologists, hairdressers and others to help.
  4. Partner with local churches to offer mobile dental and vision care bringing equipment and healthcare professionals, as is done in San Francisco.
  5. Offer massages and blood pressure checks, and health coachingin busy pedestrian areas such as are found in New York City.
  6. Provide medical services such as pediatrics or traumatologysuch as that provided by Clínica Móvil in Villahermosa, Mexico
  7. Create a faith-building exhibit and take it on the road to schoolsas is being done by the King Tut Roadshow in cities in Australia, and the Expo-Sanctuary in Brasilia.
  8. Operate a mobile shower van for unhoused residentsalso providing clothing, food, and spiritual and psychological care, as in New York City, and in Belgrade.
  9. Provide free eye exams and glasses, ultrasounds, and minor surgeriesas is done weekly through eight vans in Tuxtla Gutiérres, and other cities of Chiapas, Mexico.
  10. Alleviate hunger and loneliness through a mobile soup kitchenwhich members in Warwick could do after holding "Warwick's Biggest Ever Garage Sale."
  11. Drive a taxi and share hope with your passengers.as members in Panama City are doing.

Show Your Church This Concept Video "Ministry on Wheels."