6 Church Spaces You Could Repurpose to Serve as a UCI

  1. The parking lotA Kansas City church uses theirs as a food distribution center where members help 300 families each week.
  2. The lawn outside the churchA church in Vancouver, Canada started a seniors garden, and the Hinsdale church built a micropantry there.
  3. The first floor of the churchA Taipei church with an upstairs sanctuary offers first-floor classes on Alzheimer's disease, cooking, and exercise.
  4. The church cafeteriaA church in Seoul uses their cafeteria to serve vegetarian food to the public. The income funds other outreach
  5. The fellowship hallA church in greater Los Angeles offers after-school tutoring and language training to immigrant kids there.
  6. Other unused spaces in aging church buildings where membership is dwindlingthe Ramses Cultural Center in Cairo offers a preschool, a dental clinic, a fitness center, and space for language classes, and a church in Oslo, made space for a language school, cooking classes, and Saturday night activities for students of nearby Oslo University.