7 Ways Museum UCIs Can Offer Evidence for Intelligent Design

  1. Showcase locally-discovered fossils to teach a biblical view of originsas done at the Creation Research Center at River Plate Adventist University in Entre Rios.
  2. Give kids access to a large telescope to see God's handiwork in the stars as is being done by the Nature Discovery Museum near Seoul.
  3. Focus in on dinosaurs and on evidence showing how they diedlike the Dinosaur Science Museum and Research Center at Southwestern Adventist University near Dallas/Ft. Worth.
  4. Feature the creation weekas is done at the Creation Science Center at the Adventist University of the Philippines, and through murals at several academies in the US.
  5. Offer an ecological trail revealing God's creativity as is available at the Zionland theme park, near São Paulo.
  6. Span earth's history with exhibits ranging from fossils to virtual realityas is done the Origins Museum of Nature in Puerto Ayora on the Galapagos Islands.
  7. Create a butterfly exhibit for what butterflies reveal about the Creatoras has been done at the Butterfly Paradise in Siem Reap.