6 Ways UCIs Can Reach Out through Fitness and Recreation

  1. Start a climbing centernear a large university, as has been done in Bangkok.
  2. Make the city park your center of influenceand host weekly activities like soccer, climbing, or canoeing, as in Frankfurt (video 6—"Mountain Bikes, Butterfly Wings, Rock Climbing.")
  3. Build an inclusive fitness and sport center with facilities for all, including people with special needs, like the center in Brest, Belarus.
  4. Start a running cluband involve the members in other activities at your center, as is done in Hanoi.
  5. Offer something as simple as nature walkstogether with programs at your UCI, such as depression recovery, as done at weExplore in Melbourne.
  6. Include a fitness center at your UCIas has been done in Battambang, Cambodia.