9 ways UCIs Can Be a Blessing to Displaced People

  1. Offer free hot meals
    as is done by the PAN Dining Room in Cucuta.
  2. Provide temporary housing, and help to thrive
    as is done by House of Hope in Porto Velho and the Multicultural Family Service Center in Ansan.
  3. Provide health care
    like Adelante Community Health Center is doing in Chicago.
  4. Assist with filling out forms and with other needs
    like ADRA’s “Kleiderkammer” center is doing in Vienna.
  5. Offer children access to Adventist education
    as has been done by the Adventist Learning Center in Beirut, Lebanon.
  6. Offer language classesas is done by the Hope Center in Bremen, Germany, and the Hope Center in Cairo, Egypt.
  7. Train immigrants in job skills
    as is being done by the Hope for Immigrants Educational Center in Bucharest, and by ADRA in Salvador.
  8. Help with legal assessments
    like the Chinese Community Center in Tegucigalpa.
  9. Create an after-school program for immigrant kids
    like the El Monte Adventist Church in the greater Los Angeles region, and Simplicity Mission in Allentown.