8 Remarkable Urban Centers of Influence to Inspire You

  1. Offering a “pay what you can afford” model
    and the opportunity for customers to “pay it forward,” One Bistro, near Dayton, is modeling an inclusive approach.
  2. Serving vegetarian meals and making enough money to support two other ministriesthe Seoul Central Seventh-day Adventist Church is seeing blessings multiplied at its cafeteria.
  3. Encouraging university students to challenge themselves and growthe F5 Climbing Center next to a university with 400,000 students is giving young people in Bangkok a new view of who they are called to be.
  4. Using art to create a space where people can belongThe Art Space is a relational environment fostering a church plant in a store front near Chicago.
  5. Sharing the language of music with lessons in voice, violin, piano, ukulele, and guitarPeace Music Academy is touching the lives of students and their families in Khon Kaen, and strengthening the faith of student missionaries who serve there.
  6. Following up with former patients to stay connected and pray for themthe Compassion Unit at the Adventist hospital in Mwanza shows God's love and helps patients find both physical and spiritual healing
  7. Providing shelter, for women in difficult circumstances, for over 25 yearsThe Overnight House for Homeless Women in Leipzig shows care and compassion to those most in need.
  8. Working with unions and conferences ELIA Wellness aims to establish 100 wellness hubs across Australia and New Zealand.