9 Examples of Centers that Exist through Funding Partnerships

  1. The Isaiah 58 Center in Guatemala City
    which provides unhoused residents with a place to shower and wash clothes is supported by two churches, with food assistance from a secular organization.
  2. The Urban Life Center in Baltimore
    offering language, cooking and other classes was started through a partnership of two churches, along with conference, union, and division support plus funds from Global Mission)
  3. The Miramonte Adventist Shelter in San Salvador
    provides a place for families to stay while their children are cared for at a nearby hospital. It came to be through a partnership between local church members and the conference.)
  4. The Inclusive Center for the Promotion of a Healthy Lifestyle in Belarus
    offering recreation for all, including those with special needs, found support from several sponsors, church entities, and the local congregation
  5. The Hope Clinic in Suva
    received support from Fiji’s Ministry of Health, the World Health Organization, and many other partners
  6. SECORCares, on the outskirts of Denver
    is the largest food bank in the southern Denver metro area. It operates in partnership with Centura-Parker Adventist Hospital, and with other initiatives.
  7. Blue Legacy Ventures in Miami
    a 10-floor health and well-being center, is the result of a partnership between Adventist Health and Legacy Hotel & Residences
  8. The Northeastern Towers Annex affordable housing complex in New York City
    providing 159 apartments for seniors, resulted from a partnership between the Northeastern Conference, the Fifth Avenue Committee, and Mega Development.
  9. The Mobile Market in Huntsville
    taking groceries into food deserts, resulted from multiple local partnerships, including Community Action Partnership® of Huntsville, Madison & Limestone Counties, Inc., the American Heart Association®, and the Huntsville Housing Authority.