7 Easy Ways to Serve Your City

  1. Hold a drive-thru prayer event for people facing cancer or other illnesses.Like these praying volunteers in Miami, FL
  2. Run a literature rack.Which is one of several ways Chris and Gabriela serve at their center in Ruse, Bulgaria
  3. Pick up trash at a beach or park, or in a neighborhood.Like in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, where members practice Total Member Involvement for Mission to the Cities
  4. Prayer walk the city.Being 88 did not stop Richard from prayer walking York, PA, U.S.
  5. Hand out water during a marathon.Cheer the runners on too, like members did in Beirut, Lebanon
  6. Go to a public laundromat and pay for a load of laundry.Or give away diapers, or teach computer literacy classes like members at Berea Temple church in Baltimore, MD, U.S.
  7. Offer free online music classes.Like the man who taught guitar to Sunil in Lahore, Pakistan