11 Ways to Serve Your City's Most Vulnerable Residents

  1. Feed those who are hungry by holding a food drive and fair.Read Story from Auckland, New Zealand
  2. Support victims of violence through a parade or other awareness event.Read Story from Nuku Ľalofa, Tonga or Read Story from Sydney, Australia
  3. Protect vulnerable youth by creating public awareness of the dangers of sex-trafficking.Read Story from Kansas City, KS, U.S.
  4. Support struggling moms by showing up at a public laundromat and paying for a load of laundry.Read Story Baltimore, MD, U.S.
  5. Show the love of Jesus to women on the street by assisting them with starting a new life.Read Story from Columbus, OH, U.S.
  6. Encourage those on the margins with hot breakfasts and a sense of community.Watch Story from Cleveland, OH, U.S.
  7. Offer assistance to struggling families with babies through a clothing library.Watch Story from Auckland, New Zealand
  8. Help refugees or immigrants make a new start through a community center.Read Story from Belgrade, Serbia
  9. Organize a free dental and vision-care clinic.Watch Story from San Francisco, CA, U.S.
  10. Start a drug and alcohol rehab center.Watch Story from Guatemala City, Guatemala
  11. Start a thrift shop attached to a clinic.Watch Story from Chicago, IL, U.S.

Learn more about how to serve the most vulnerable at CommunityServices.org. Also, look into their free courses available here.