10 Ways to Serve the Families in Your City

  1. Hold a free community baby shower.Read Story from cities across Massachusetts, U.S.
  2. Start a clothing library for families with babies.Watch Story from Auckland, New Zealand
  3. Offer programs for families with autistic childrenRead Story from Porto Alegre, Brazil
  4. Sponsor families in need during holidays.Mentioned in Story from Ashton, MD, U.S.
  5. Offer family-life classes.Mentioned in Story from Manassas, VA, U.S.)
  6. Provide support for families with at-risk kids or kids with chronic diseases.Mentioned in Story from Madrid, Spain
  7. Provide parenting seminars. Mentioned in Story from Copenhagen, Denmark
  8. Share workshops on bullying.Mentioned in Story from Copenhagen, Denmark
  9. Hold a family festival.Read Story from Petersburg, Russia
  10. Renovate a home for a single mom.Read Story from São Paulo, Brazil

Find resources for serving families in your cities at Family.Adventist.org.