Christchurch, New Zealand: A Pastor Becomes "God's Street Artist"

By: Tulaga Aiolupotea, as told to Adventist Record, courtesy Adventist Review

. . . I started a movement called “Graphoticz Art Worx” to empower a new generation through urban ministry, where people, especially young people, will creatively express biblical concepts, words and a lifestyle that are gospel-focused and will connect with other graffiti artists and people who love street art around the world.

A graffiti artist is correctly known as a “writer,” and so we decided to form a “crew” of kids between the ages of12 and 18—the age I was when I decided not to become a Christian.

We called ourselves “WORDwriterz”—graffiti writers of God’s Word—bringing life to those who will read our masterpieces of art on the walls for all the world to see.

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