News Adelaide, Australia: Adventist Youth Reach Out to Struggling International Students

by Maryellen Fairfax, courtesy Adventist World

Adventist young people in South Australia are working to supply food hampers to a demographic that has been largely overlooked in the COVID-19 crisis: international university students.

“A number of them haven’t been able to go back home with everything that’s been happening,” explained South Australia Conference youth director Joel Slade. “Many of them have also lost their jobs because the hospitality industries they were employed in have been shut down. The government doesn’t provide any support, and many of their parents are also struggling financially back home, so they can’t help.”

Every Wednesday, young people involved with South Australia Youth Ministries (SAYM) have been gathering to collect and assemble food into hampers to be sent out to an international dormitory in Adelaide, home to mostly doctoral students from the city’s three major universities.

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