by Vanessa Pizzuto, Trans-European Division News, courtesy Adventist Review

It was an unusually cold and snowy day in Belgrade, Serbia. Yet that did not stop a group of friendly bikers from meeting to share the story of their motorcycle club, which combines their passion for Jesus, their love for the road, and their penchant for sharing the gospel in creative ways.
In 2016, the Trans-European Division (TED) mission board allocated funds to support creative and innovative evangelistic initiatives such as this. When Dejan Lukic got involved and founded Three Angels, the first Serbian Adventist motorcycle club, he did not know any other Adventist bikers or that similar clubs existed around the world. “But a friend told me about Adventist Motorcycle Ministry (AMM), and I realized I was not alone; we are a much bigger family,” Lukic said.
In time, Lukic recruited 12 other bikers and joined AMM, becoming the president of the Serbian chapter.
Their mission is beautifully simple: to share the gospel while doing something they love — riding bikes. They organize rides, invite their non-Christian friends, and allow conversations to flow naturally in the context of a loving, accepting community. “People who never prayed in their lives before are willing to pray with us. We go to church with them, we ride together, we eat together. We do just that, nothing else. But the Holy Spirit works, and we have wonderful experiences,” Lukic said. Their first baptism will take place in Macedonia this summer, in collaboration with AMM Macedonia.

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