By: ADRA Romania, and Adventist Review, courtesy Adventist Review

On International Women’s Day, March 8, 2019, the women hosted at the Center for Emergency Reception of Victims of Family Violence - ADRA House, known as Casa ADRA, in Bucharest, Romania, along with the center’s staff, celebrated a decade of fighting against domestic violence. Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) president Jonathan Duffy and his wife, Cathy, took part in the 10th-anniversary celebration.

“The topic of victims of domestic violence is a sad one, but after seeing this project we can say that not everything is bad, thanks to the hope it gives and the activities it offers,” Jonathan Duffy said. “It is a joy that there are good people who take a stand by being next to these ladies and these helpless children.”

Duffy added, “This shelter is special and precious, and it must continue its work.” He explained that in the past decade, almost 900 people have been housed in the facilities. “It is sad to think that there are 900 victims of domestic violence, but I am grateful that ADRA Romania has found an experienced team that has given them hope, safety, and blessings,” Duffy said. “It is a place where they can renew their life and where they can rediscover human dignity.”

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