By: AdventHealth Rocky Mountain/Centura Health, and Adventist Review, courtesy Adventist Review

Caregivers at Porter Adventist Hospital know that serving their communities goes far beyond treating patients who come to their facilities seeking care. Reaching out to connect with their patients, neighbors, and communities and advocate for all aspects of their wellbeing — mind, body, and spirit — is a vital part of delivering whole health care.

Located in Denver, Colorado, Porter Adventist serves a diverse range of communities, from affluent neighborhoods to underserved areas of the city in which crime, gang activity, substance abuse, and domestic violence are common. Many in these communities struggle with hunger, unemployment, access to health care, and access to behavioral health services. Recognizing the inherent worth of every life, Porter Adventist and local community partners advocate for the people of these communities and provide preventive services that address crucial issues at their roots.

“We are committed to identifying the immediate, actual needs of the people we serve and working together with others in our communities to make a real and lasting impact in those areas,” Jim Feldbush, director of Mission Integration at Porter Adventist, said. “Working with the county health department, we have discovered that mental health and food security are two of the biggest needs in our communities, and we partner with local organizations who are the experts in meeting those needs to help them facilitate their work.”

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