News Esteli, Nicaragua: Adventist Church Inaugurates Brand New Hospital Facility

by Héctor Alvarado Araúz/IAD Staff, courtesy Adventist News Network

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Nicaragua recently inaugurated a brand new facility for its Adventist Hospital in Estelí, Nicaragua. The facility becomes the only private hospital in the city, located 93 miles, or 150 kilometers, north of Managua—the capital city.

The Jan. 9 inauguration ceremony drew city officials and community and church leaders.

“This is a very important entrepreneurship lesson because the church has worked hard in Latin America with these initiatives and today it is our turn here in the city of Esteli to have this beautiful Adventist Hospital for the well-being of all Nicaraguans,” said Mayor of Estelí Francisco Valenzuela.

Ministry of Health Director Dr. Víctor Manuel Martínez also applauded the church for its focus on health care and its commitment to the community. “We are very glad to work together and move forward to accomplish so many things so that the northern part of the country can have better medical attention and become healthier,” said Martínez.

Inter-American Division President Pastor Israel Leito congratulated the efforts of the medical staff and everyone involved in the project to continue trusting in God as they continue providing health care. “We exist to serve and to share the love of Christ with everyone,” said Pastor Leito.

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