by Božidar Mihajlović, tedNEWS

War separates – often for years even when the conflict is over and ‘peace’ is restored. Distrust, hurt and pain have to be overcome. Adventist youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) see themselves as part of that bridge building process.

Joining together from across the country, Adventist volunteers were joined by their willing friends to spend five days in Jajce, a town divided on strict ethnic lines since the Balkan conflict. While civil authorities work at reconciliation projects, more is needed. For this reason, a church plant in the otherwise un-entered town is building a grassroots initiative with the help of the youth.

Entitled, ‘Invasion of love’, the project is based on a ‘contact hypothesis’, a theory which states that people are more inclined to bridge their differences if they are working towards a common goal.

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