News Manaus, Brazil: Adventists Hold Christmas Dinner for Venezuelan Refugees

By: Cígredy Neves, South American Division, and Adventist Review, courtesy Adventist Review

ADRA Brazil representatives reported broad smiles, puzzled looks, and expectancy among the reactions seen in a group of Venezuelan refugee children and their parents, who enjoyed a Christmas dinner provided for them on December 23, 2018. Many of those families have been living on the streets around the bus station in Manaus, Amazon State, Brazil.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church sponsored the initiative through Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) Brazil, Amazon region, and Adventist Solidarity Action (ASA). Refugees were invited to attend the special event at the Adventist-run Center for Support and Reference to Refugees and Migrants (Care).

Oblivious and carefree, the younger children who got on buses taking them to the event did not even look where they were going, ADRA leaders said. Parents of those children, however, said they saw expectancy in their eyes. At the same time, the sad look of many of them gave away what seem to be lingering signs of the hard life they left behind in their home country.

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