News Montevideo: Doing the Impossible in Uruguay

by Andrew McChesney,

Nestor Alvaro Rivero, a retired driver in Uruguay, used to think that the only way that he could win people for Jesus was by preaching, singing, and playing the guitar.

But then Nestor did the impossible. He opened a church.

It all started when Nestor’s pastor in Uruguay’s capital, Montevideo, asked him to work as a missionary in the Goes neighborhood, a central city location without a Seventh-day Adventist church building.

He would work with nine other people, including four local residents who were baptized recently through the efforts of visiting student missionaries.

Nestor and his nine companions got busy. They rented a former café, repainted the walls, and turned it into a church. Then they went door to door in the neighborhood and met the people. They invited people to the small church for Bible lessons, vegetarian cooking classes, stop-smoking classes, and guitar lessons taught by Nestor. During the winter months, they gave hot beverages and bread to people on the street on Wednesdays and Sundays.

“We started work around the clock, and in a short time we reached many people,” Nestor said.

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