by Kimberly Luste Maran, and North American Division Community Services, courtesy Adventist Review

Manufacturing companies are not able to produce and operate their industries in full capacity, especially in the food industry, explained Sung Kwon, director of NAD ACS. The number for those who have filed for unemployment benefits in the U.S. alone has risen to more than 10 million. The transportation industry is not able to function normally, and importing goods is restricted and limited.

“Due to these complications, NAD ACS leadership decided to focus assistance on food shortage concerns. As unemployment increases, people will seek free groceries through the local food banks and food pantries,” Kwon said. “We will do our part to serve others while mitigating and minimizing the risk to our own ACS volunteers and church members.”

“It’s important for ministries that serve the vulnerable to continue their ministries in the middle of a global pandemic,” said Bonita Shields, NAD ministries vice president, “because that’s when people arethe most vulnerable and need the hope and assurance that these ministries provide.”

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