by: Keicha Gosling, courtesy Adventist News Network

COVID-19 has affected the number of volunteers, hours of operation, food distribution hours, and other programs at most Adventist Community Services (ACS) locations in North America. This is the reality at the Northeastern Conference (NEC) ACS Center.

As a result of school closings in New York City, the Queens Center for Progress was closed, reducing the number of volunteers; volunteers who were instrumental in carrying out the daily activities at the center. Fortunately, other volunteers from the community stepped in to assist with services which could be modified to continue within social distancing requirements.

The food distribution style was changed from “clients choice” to pre-packed grab-and-go grocery bags. The hours of operation have changed from four days per week to two days; however, they have extended the food distribution hours to accommodate the reduction in the number of people allowed to be served at a time. On April 29, 2020, the NEC ACS Center served 375 families.

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