By Mark A. Kellner, Online Content Editor, Adventist Review

It's famously said of New York City that "if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere." Now, a pair of Seventh-day Adventist entrepreneurs are demonstrating just that — and it began with a desire to share their faith in Jesus in one of the world's largest metro areas.

Ivan Joshua Raj, 34, and Heidi Liv Tompkins, 43, are Seventh-day Adventist Bible workers, but with a twist: they'll reach out to folks with a carob candy truffle known as a “Caruby,” or with a plant-based, gluten-free meal at a "pop-up" restaurant that also serves up Adventist music in the background and Adventist tracts for diners to take home.

"We've had a really great response: everyone's loved the food," Tompkins said.

Raj said one customer was "gluten intolerant and had a soy allergy. The only dessert which does not give her any reaction is Carubies. She's been a loyal customer now for 18 months."

Both workers say they are self-supporting, thanks to the candy-and-catering project.

Such self-reliance, a hallmark of many early Adventist missionaries, is regaining prominence as the movement seeks to reach those in the world's largest cities. Read More . . .