By: Darla Martin Tucker, La Sierra University News, courtesy Adventist Review

. . . The Yonemoto brothers, residents of Redlands, both aim to become physicians and to continue leading Urban Mission, LLC, which they co-founded. The mission provides clothing, health care, and food to homeless and disadvantaged populations through clothing donation events, fundraising, and collaboration with Loma Linda Academy, Path of Life Ministries in Riverside, civic organizations, and other groups. Urban Mission collects and distributes 5,000 articles of clothing annually and contributes donated funds for health care and food for the homeless.

The brothers also participated as volunteers in the Loma Linda Academy’s annual Family Volunteer Night aimed at providing aid to local homeless and low-income residents; served as leaders in Vacation Bible School summer programs for kids; and aided their peers as school tutors.

The Urban Mission got its start through Tyler and Grant’s interests as high school freshmen in finding ways of serving others.

“We have often heard about mission trips to places that are thousands of miles away. After thinking about how we could make an impact, we realized could make a difference right here in our community,” the brothers said.

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