by Nafri Machadom, IAD News Staff, courtesy Adventist News Network

Seventh-day Adventists in east El Salvador recently distributed thousands of small care packages to frontline workers in local hospitals. Dozens of health professionals, doctors, and nurses from throughout Adventist churches in the city of San Miguel, packaged sports drinks and books on hope to many who spend hours suited in protective gear in many of the local hospitals.

“The eastern part of El Salvador is one of the hottest regions in Central America and many of the hospitals here have no air conditioning so the use of bioprotective suits causes a lot of discomfort to medical staff who take care of the sick,” said Pastor Edwin López, district pastor in San Miguel.

Dr. Leonardo Romero Taura, who works at the San Juan de Dios National Hospital in San Miguel, said that the days are challenging when wearing a protective suit. “The feeling is horrible, it is suffocating. Imagine that they put you in a plastic bag, seal it and then they put you out in the sun when the rays of the sun are stronger,” said Dr. Romero. “That’s how the medical staff feel when we use the bioprotective suits as they care for people infected with COVID-19.” Dr. Lopez said that the suit is worn up to 8 hours at a time, but some use them for 12 hours straight. “During that time, you cannot take off the suit for anything… and you end up completely dehydrated.”

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