News Santa Tecla, El Salvador: Book Dispenser Provides Free Adventist Books in Public Square

By: Fabricio Rivera, Inter-American Division News, courtesy Adventist Review

Azucena Quintanilla wanted to make a difference in her local Seventh-day Adventist church. She wanted to engage more members in spreading hope in the community of Santa Tecla, a municipal district in La Libertad in San Salvador, El Salvador.

Quintanilla, 21, wanted to have a free Adventist book dispenser placed in the middle of the town’s main park. Operating it would be as simple as pressing a button for a free book or magazine. She brought her idea to the church board and the members, and she invited them to bring new and good-as-new books and devotionals for sharing with anyone who wanted a free book.

Books and missionary magazines were collected and dispensed from a specially made stand, complete with a button, lights, sounds, and a sign.

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