News Sydney, Australia: Mobile Soup Kitchen Seeks to Reduce Loneliness

by Vania Chew, courtesy Adventist News Network

Are you feeling lonely? You’re not alone.

A 2018 survey conducted by the Australian Psychological Society and Swinburne University has found that one in four Australian adults are lonely. One in two (50.5%) Australians feel lonely for at least one day in a week, while one in four (27.6%) feel lonely for three or more days. And high levels of loneliness are associated with a number of other alarming symptoms such as higher social anxiety, poorer psychological wellbeing and lower quality of life.

Warwick Seventh-day Adventist Church is a church in rural Queensland. And although they had a small congregation, they had big hearts. They wanted to break through the loneliness and serve their community.

“God really impressed this on my heart,” said church member Catherine Cazaly. “My husband and I have four young kids. We wanted them to grow up in a thriving church. But even if we didn’t see our congregation grow, we still wanted to make sure we were serving our community.”

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