News Taipei: Alzheimer's Classes, Cooking Classes and a Changed Life

by Andrew McChesney, Editor, Mission Quarterly

The dreams scared Helen Yen, a retired administrative assistant in Taiwan’s capital, Taipei. In the reoccurring dream, she would go someplace and then realize that she couldn’t find her way back home. The dream tormented her night after night.

During the day, Helen spent time with her husband, adult children, and granddaughter. She began attending free menopause classes at Taiwan Adventist Hospital.

At the classes, Helen heard that the nearby Sung Shan Seventh-day Adventist Church was seeking volunteers for a new community outreach program. The church planned to offer classes on Alzheimer’s disease, a major challenge in the local community, on Tuesdays, and cooking classes and Bible studies on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

“I always wanted to volunteer in the community,” Helen said. “I had never heard of Adventists before. But I just went to the church, and the pastor invited me to help in the kitchen.”

Helen arrived at the church at 6 a.m. Tuesdays to bake bread for sale at the Alzheimer’s classes. . . .

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