by Joshua Roberts, courtesy Adventist News Network

A record-breaking attempt at the world’s largest nail mosaic climaxed Thursday, 3 August 2017 in the centre of Valencia, Spain. A portrait of Jesus, measuring 5 x 3 metres, and comprised of 100,000 nails is the result of just three days of hammering by several thousand participants at the European Adventist Youth Congress in Valencia.

The project was completed by local Valencians and tourists in the city square, photographed from a nearby rooftop, and then certified by local architect, Juan Vicente Torres.

The idea for the nail portrait came from two Spanish youth leaders, Rubén Guzmán and Jonatán Contero, who saw it as a way to share their love for Christ as well as promoting what the Seventh-day Adventist Church believes. “I think it is amazing for the people of Valencia to see the face of Jesus,” Concerto enthused.

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