By: June Coombs, Trans-European Division News, courtesy Adventist Review

A community hub based at the Stanborough Park Seventh-day Adventist church in Watford, England, is currently serving more than 3,000 hot meals a week and supplying 800 grocery food parcels for vulnerable families.

Meals and groceries are provided for children who are not currently benefiting from free school meals and also for those families that are struggling. Teachers call on a regular basis to collect and distribute according to need, while parcels are made up for single parents with children. Keeping-in-touch phone calls and bereavement support are also provided.

The “One Vision” project is a community initiative started by church member Enoch Kanagaraj. It began three years ago with a simple Community Chaplaincy Service based at the Stanborough Park church. The primary aim was to establish where help was required and then to meet those needs. The pastoral team of the church suggested that it might be a good idea to extend the project by inviting other community groups to partner with them in a joint venture.

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