Ways to Use Your Prayer Map

Ways to Use Your Prayer Map

  • Pray for one city each day, checking them off as you go.
  • Team up with your adult Sabbath school class to pray, dividing up the map among members. Each Sabbath, together check off all the cities prayed for that week.
  • Assign each child in your small children's Sabbath school class a line of the subway map, and each week during Sabbath school class, let the kids pick cards from a basket listing prayer needs like hunger, homelessness, addictions, and more. Then give time for kids to pray for the item they drew, for the next city on their line of the map, and check off that city on the prayer map poster, as was done at Cashmere Seventh-day Adventist Church.
  • Organize your large school to pray for the cities, assigning certain lines to certain classes like they did at Forest Lake Education Center.
  • Have each student in your small school pray for a different area of need for each city each day, like they did at Hillsdale Christian School.
  • Have kids in your homeschool find one city each day on a world map, and draw from a hat each day to select whether to learn about the geography, culture, religious background, government, or economy of that city. After learning a little about them, pray for them.
  • Consider sending us a photo of you or your prayer team together with your completed prayer map--and a brief summary of your experience--when you finish.
  • Tell friends to download their own free prayer map and pray for cities around the world!
  • Invite friends in North America to request a free printed map that folds to credit-card size so they can easily keep it with their Bible!
  • Learn more about the prayer map by watching this video, or use the PowerPoint and related script to promote it to your church!

Ways to Pray for the 580+ Cities of a Million or More Worldwide

  • Pray that urban dwellers who are hungry for hope will meet Jesus and know truth.
  • Pray for Adventists who will be willing to sacrifice to take truth to cities where Jesus is not known.
  • Pray for lives to be spared amid the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Pray for medical professionals who are putting their own lives at risk to save others.
  • Pray for those who have lost loved ones due to the pandemic.
  • Pray for wisdom for city leaders in the ongoing health crisis.
  • Pray for stability and peace.
  • Pray for marriages and families under stress.
  • Pray for your those who have lost their income due to the pandemic.
  • Pray for those who are struggling to get an education under difficult circumstances.
  • Pray for the homeless who are especially vulnerable now.
  • Pray for the fatherless and for those who have been driven from their homes.
  • Pray for those for whom COVID-19 further complicates existing physical and mental health challenges.

Also Pray for Urban Centers of Influence

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