7 Ways to Start a UCI when You Have Limited Funds

  1. Start in a classroom, lawn, or parking lot already owned by your churchas has been done by churches in Puli, Taiwan, Vancouver, Canada, and New Haven, United States.
  2. Use a public property, such as a city parkas has been done in Suva, Fiji.
  3. Start a micro-UCIas has been done in the Chicago area with a micropantry, in South Korea with a food stand, and in Riga, Latvia, with a miniature book house.
  4. Buy an older property at auction and recruit volunteers to help renovateas has been done in Mikkeli, Finland.
  5. Pray for God to provide a property at a price point that you can affordas was done in Hanoi, and in Asunción, Paraguay.
  6. Partner with another organizationas has been done by these centers and others.
  7. If you're in the 10/40 Window or a city of a million or more people, or are reaching post-Christiansapply for Global Mission funding to help your center get started.