by Andrew McChesney, Editor, Adventist Mission Quarterly / photo by Mylon Medley, courtesy ANN

People living in the world’s major cities are longing for something better, and God is calling on Seventh-day Adventists to step up efforts to share the last-day gospel message with them, Adventist Church president Ted N.C. Wilson said.

Wilson, speaking in his annual pastoral address to church leaders, said Adventists have established “centers of influence,” held evangelistic series, and implemented many other programs since the Mission to the Cities initiative began six years ago, but much work remains to be done.

Wilson pointed to the Old Testament prophet Jonah as an example of how God yearns to save city dwellers, and he presented his audience with copies of church cofounder Ellen G. White’s book “Last Day Events” to encourage them in their work.

“God is still calling His servants today to reach the cities where there are many who are reaching out after something better and are willing to listen to Bible truth shared through various methods,” Wilson said in his Oct. 7 sermon, “Work the Cities Without Delay,” at the Annual Council, a yearly gathering of Adventist leaders from around the world.

“Christ wants us to go into all the cities and villages, teaching, preaching, and healing in His name,” he said. “This is still His plan and longing desire.”

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