by Marcos Paseggi, courtesy Adventist Review / photo courtesy Adventist News Network

The 2017 Annual Council—an annual business meeting of over 450 Seventh-day Adventist members and invitees to the church’s Executive Committee from around the world—convened at the denomination’s headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland, United States, on Oct 5. The fall session, during which department reports are shared, and documents, plans, and policies are voted, opened with the Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Conference, an annual event that looks to inform, train, and empower leaders on a specific topic. The 2017 edition focused on the joys and challenges of global mission, especially as the church moves to share God’s message with various people groups.

“Our goal is to rekindle the original vision of the early Christian church for mission,” said Office of Adventist Mission director Gary Krause. “In a sense, there is nothing new, because mission is essential for our movement.”

Krause explained that the challenge is how to adapt the timeless truths of the Bible to the great diversity of people groups around the world.

“Our goal is to share the good news in a way that is meaningful and attractive to people who are very different from us,” he said.

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