by Ricky Oliveras, courtesy Mission 360 magazine, Adventist Mission

When God called Delmar, Nati, and three-year-old Clara to serve in Albania, the missionary family packed their bags and prepared for a new adventure!

“We’re both from Brazil,” Nati said, “and I think God put a desire in our hearts to serve in a different place. . . . A place where we wouldn’t be comfortable. Somewhere that would challenge both of our ministries.”

Delmar and Nati learned quickly that there would be plenty of challenges to sharing the gospel in this 10/40 Window country.

For years, Albania was a communist territory, banning religion and declaring itself the world’s first and only atheist state. Communism collapsed in 1990 but, even today, religion doesn’t seem to be a priority for most people.

Delmar, Nati, and Clara were assigned to serve in in the city of Korce, at the firstAdventist church built in the country in 1994. Their first year was especially difficult. Despite their efforts, there wasn’t a single baptism or even anyone interested in Bible studies.

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