by Nozomu Obara, courtesy Adventist News Network

The population of the Greater Tokyo Area is over 40 million, but in central Tokyo City, there are about 10 million people, yet only ten Japanese and international Adventist churches with about 900 worshipers every Sabbath. Therefore, one Adventist needs to reach more than 10,000 lost people. The Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD) is called “the most challenging field,” and Tokyo is a huge challenge!

To tackle the challenge, we, a team from the Mission Unusual project, will use a holistic approach to mission. Mission Unusual will plant churches for the next five years, yet also continue to expand and influence people’s lives here until Jesus’ coming.

Our focus is not merely on worship services and ministry activities. Building relationships and getting involved with people is our focus, finding out and meeting people’s needs—that is to say, practicing Christ’s method here in Mission Unusual Tokyo.

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