News Medellin, Colombia: Venezuelan Migrants Provided with Business Opportunities

by Daniela Arrieta/IAD News Staff, courtesy Adventist News Network

Jhonny Alberto Peña clearly remembers March 22. It was the day he left his native Venezuela for the city of Medellin in neighboring Colombia.

“It was hard when I left, to leave my family, my small babies, my wife, in search of a better future for them,” said Peña.

Peña now lives in Medellin, together with his family who joined him three months ago. His family, like many migrant Venezuelan families, fled the political and economic turmoil in Venezuela in search of a better life.

Peña’s family is among the 20 families benefitting from a special project led by leaders and staff of the Colombia Adventist University in Medellin. The special initiative assists low-income families by providing them with the tools to start their own small business, said Zulay Herrera, director of the initiative.

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