by Eric Louw, courtesy Adventist News Network

“As the planning began to take shape and focus on Iceland, I didn’t like the idea at all.” Eric Louw, VP of Communications for Generation Youth for Christ [GYC], shares a very personal report of his life-changing experience during a very different mission trip to the highly secular nation of Iceland, a country of some 330,000 people where only a few hundred are connected to the Adventist Church:

For decades, mission has been viewed as a largely human endeavour with three simple ingredients: come up with a plan, enter a target country, and then execute the plan.

But what would mission look like as a primarily divine endeavour?

What would it look like to do something so simple and yet so full of faith and trust in God that it might seem radical and insane?

This is exactly what the GYC mission to Iceland during August 2019 was all about.

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